A passion handed down for four generations.

All started with the birth of our great grandmother Adolfa, in 1890. As gift she received a “Tragn” (a terracotta container, with a broad belly and narrow neck) from her parents.

This was a typical tradition in our area within vinegar “families”.

This “Tragn” represents a real witness, survived through time and vicissitudes, which has passed from mother to son until today.
The “Tragn” is not only an object for us but a real symbol of love toward this unique product.

Francesco Ferrari, grandmother Adolfa's son and proponent of the first expansion of the vinegar factory, used to say that “trust and constancy are vitues of the strong, and balsamic vinegar temper and makes stronger the soul of who loves this product”.

Our history

Birth of great-grandmother Adolfa
The first “Tragn” is set aside as a dowry
The first set of vinegar
Francesco Ferrari buys the first set of 5 casks
The set for the first doughter
Francesco Ferrari prepares the set for his doughter Paola
The “Consorteria”:
Francesco Ferrari becomes part of the “Consorteria” and becomes Taste Master
Paola, Francesco's doughter, is actively involved in the management of vinegar factory
The tradition is repeated
Paola prepares the set for his first doughter Francesca
The Vinegar factory enters into full producion
Start large-scale production and consulting and maintenance activities. Luca was born and with him a new set of casks
The family grows up
Stefania was born, the “little one at home” and with her was prepared a new set of casks
The new generations
Francesca, Luca e Stefania, the youngest Ferrari's family members are actively involved in the Acetaia’s activities
The educational farm
The educational farm's activities begin, dedicated to schools and to anyone who is interested in visiting our Acetaia
Looking at the future
Today the vinegar farm counts more than 500 casks and is constantly increasing, as the family passion for the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Family portrait

As the vinegar impregnates the staves of the barrels, infiltrating slowly and acquiring the scents and aromas from these, so the passion for the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar slowly crept into our hearts, and here it is, strong and solid still today.

Each family member is actively engaged in the management of the company. We check every aspect of the supply chain, from harvesting to production till bottling.

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is what we love and unites our family.

This unique product is a bridge between old and the new generations, that we want to preserve and make accessible to everyone.
Our past and our future through a drop of our precious vinegar.