The experience of the Ferrari family at your service.

Our acetaia is a treasure that we have guarded and cared for for four generations.

We are proud to be the custodians of such an illustrious tradition and we want to use our knowledge to spread this tradition and to enhance even more this precious product.

Within our Company the female footprint is very strong, in fact family's women are the true custodians of this ancient and precious knowledge which is the basis of the production of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Paola Ferrari, as a cultivator, acetaia host and expert taster knows perfectly every aspect of the production, the conservation of musts and the maintenance of barrels.
Paola provides advices to companies and individuals, to help them improve and enhance their products.

The activities carried out at home concern:
– Advice on barrels batteries
– Alteration of flavor
– Treatment of problems related to the health status of barrels and vinegar
– Annual "rincalzi" with the help of our musts

In our company you can also buy the necessary raw materials for the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: raw Must, cooked Must, fermented Must and acetified Must.
All our Must are produced using the grapes of our vineyards according to the specifications and the most excellent quality standards.

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